Motor Vehicle Accidents – What To Do

What must a person do after a motor vehicle accident (“accident”)?

  • Call the police or report the accident at the nearest police station:
    • within 24 hours if a person is killed or injured; or
    • on the first working day after the accident if no person was killed or injured.
  • Write down the name of the police officer spoken to and the accident report’s reference number.
  • Co-operate with all emergency personnel and police who respond to the accident.
  • Get the details of all other motor vehicles involved in the accident, such as the drivers’ names, identity numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, description of the motor vehicles, the registration numbers, and any relevant details from the licence discs; the date, time and address of the accident; the weather and road conditions when the accident occurred; and any other information that may be relevant.
  • If an employee is driving a motor vehicle on behalf of his/her employer, then the details of the driver and the employer must be taken.
  • Write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all potential witnesses of the accident.
  • Take photographs or a video of the following:
    • the scene of the accident, from all angles;
    • the surrounding area;
    • the injuries; and
    • any damage to property.
  • Draw a sketch plan of the scene of the accident and make sure that it contains a fixed point so that it can easily be traced. Also make a statement about how the accident happened. This sketch and statement will remind a person of all the details relating to the accident at a later stage.
  • If a person has been injured, a doctor must be consulted immediately, even if the injury is not serious.
  • If the person is insured, that person has to notify his/her insurance or broker as soon as possible. Write down the name of the person spoken to at the insurance and the reference number of the claim.
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